How to effectively develop an Instagram account and make money

Here are some important tips on how you can design your account to make it more attractive. These tips won’t give you a global bang, but they’ll give you a decent increase in followers and engagement. If you want to get a lot of subscribers fast, you’re better off using

  • Easy search. The name of the account should have the name of your brand or company in it, so it’s easier to find.
  • Cross-posting. Be sure to use cross-posting (automatically adding the post you publish on Instagram to all other social networks at once).
  • Hashtags. Use hashtags in your posts, those same words with the # grid. To get extra likes and followers. Or use them to create navigation for your customers. By the way, you can use no more than 30 hashtags in your post (if you lack 30 hashtags, you can also write them in the first comment, right after publication. They will also count in searches).
  • Names. Do not forget to mention the name of the brand in your published hashtags.
  • Geo. Put geolocation on your photos (your city, popular places in the city). This way customers can immediately see your address, and you will be noticeable in searches for “geographic location.
  • Like. Be sure to comment and like the photos of your subscribers. Especially those that mentioned your brand (for example, were in your cafe or beauty salon).
  • Videos. Shoot and post videos. Now you can post videos in Instagram with the duration of 1 minute. And users are quite actively watching them now.
  • Stories. Actively use Stories. This is a live broadcast of what is happening now (in the form of a photo or video), and which disappears forever from your page after 24 hours. Exact statistics about this tool are not yet available. But here’s a simple example. On the first day of release, Nike’s Instagram stories racked up 800,000 views. Although before that similar videos did not gain even 70 thousand views.

How to earn money on Instagram

There are several different strategies for making money on instagram. There are quick ones when you can make your first money with your account in just a few hours. There are quite long and long-term ones, thanks to which many Instagram stars make a lot of money. This information will be useful to both newbies who want to start making money and businesses who want to get extra boost to their accounts through those who make money from it. Either way, read on.

  1. Likes and comments. Instagram’s algorithm now works so that the more you are liked and commented on, the higher your post is in the feed of not only your friends, but other subscribers as well. That’s why many people and companies are willing to pay for it. Once again! There are accounts that are willing to pay for you to like a post, write a comment on that very post, or simply subscribe to them. This is good news.
  2. Advertising posts. Money on ads is exactly what comes to everyone’s mind when they utter the phrase “making money through Instagram.” That’s the case when a business offers to place their ads on a popular blogger’s account. But you can make money only if you have a lot of real instagram followers.
  3. Services in SMM. A story about how you can solve the issue of making money on instagram differently. You will begin to understand SMM promotion. For businesses, this is a great skill to help reduce page promotion costs or improve staff control.
  4. Product Earnings. This is when you sell some real product (like a smart bracelet) or access to some mini course on Instagram and get a certain percentage or fixed payment from each sale.


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