Tips about sleeping pills

Discussing the topic of sleep, it is impossible not to touch the issue of sleeping pills. Everyone has heard about them, many have used them, but, strange as it may seem, our knowledge about these pills is very mediocre. Meanwhile it is necessary to know whether they are safe, whether they are effective, which of the variety suit you and where to buy them, so as not to doubt the quality. It is known that in our sleeping process there are two stages: fast and slow sleep. They follow one another, and the violation of either of them leads to physiological and psychological disorders. So far, scientists assume that during the slow phase the body replenishes energy reserves, and during the fast phase it tries to reconcile the conscious and subconscious, watching dreams, digesting daytime impressions, and filling memory.

Are sleeping pills safe for insomnia?

The question of harmlessness is very important and applies to any medication in general, even the loose weight supplements. At the same time, it is one of the most controversial issues, especially regarding sleeping pills. This medication has undergone significant changes, and insomnia pills made in the nineties were completely different than those that have been on sale in the last year. Of course, the current pills are much better: they are not dangerously addictive like their older counterparts, and the risk of overdose is much lower. Nevertheless, even the most expensive and high-quality pills should be used with great caution, because they are really dangerous for people with certain medical problems, such as kidney and liver disease. 

You should not buy an advertised drug just because everyone is talking about it, or ask for the opinion of someone who has been using sleeping pills for a long time. Also, do not trust the Internet, especially the sites of the format “question-answer”: a large number of articles and reviews are hidden advertising for a particular drug, and black PR competitors. An authoritative source of information should be only an experienced doctor, who is able to pick up the pill specifically for you.

Does sleeping pills really help?

Suppose that you have already consulted a doctor and received a recommendation. Now it is time to study the drugs and understand their properties. Essentially, taking sleeping pills causes a person to become lethargic, which makes them want to sleep. Sleeping pills are most effective in the early stages of insomnia or for one-time use.

This is where we are reminded of the wise phrase everything is good in moderation. Indeed, doctors prescribe sleeping pills as a cure for short-term insomnia, and it works. But after a few weeks of daily use the pills stop working, and later they even prevent you from sleeping, i.e. they have the opposite effect. Therefore, a good specialist will first advise not to rush with the pills, and better to take care of the environment: for example, to ensure a cool bedroom, buy a new comfortable mattress and take a warm soothing bath.

So, what’s the bottom line? First of all, don’t take your medicine at random. Be sure to go to a specialist. Whether you take the medication with or without a prescription, study the instructions carefully and don’t deviate from the method of administration and dosage indicated there. These two rules will greatly protect your health and you can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep. This way you will be able to choose your own holistic sleep aids and solve the problem of insomnia. Recently this problem has become a common one, so if you need to solve it, you should take the task as responsibly as possible and do everything necessary to choose high-quality medications.


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