Social Media Marketing

A big part of digital marketing in today’s world wide web is ensuring visitors are able to interact with your websites content. Social media marketing means reaching people on their social networks, and your website should be set up in a way that makes it easy to connect social networks and your brand.

Content Sharing

Any interesting piece of content on your website should have the ability for a visitor to share it, not only on facebook, but on any social network they use.   The Content Management Systems we use all have excellent tools to enable this, and modify it to match the sites needs.

Content Streaming

Some people feel intimidated by the amount of websites out there they are told to get involved in.   We work with some specialized code plugins that offer the ability for new content that is posted on any website, such as a promotional special, or a blog article to be automatically posted to their business’ facebook page and / or twitter page.   It means that the people you are networked with on those social websites will have a chance to read and interact with your websites content, even if they haven’t revisited your site.

This a great way to bring people back to your website, to read more about what it is you or your marketing team might be producing for the site.

Reverse Social Streaming

Sometimes our clients do a ton of twitter or facebook posting, and they want their website to show their twitter feeds or facebook walls.  It’s a common request and we integrate it in a way that meshes beautifully with any website’s design.

Facebook Like Box

A great and simple way to grow your social network is having the “like box” on your website.   People can quickly and easily become “fans” of your page with this tool activated.


We love RSS, if you’re not familiar with it, you can read this article we’ve written about it.  We make sure that our clients RSS feeds are clean and total, meaning not sharing posts that are not relevant, and ensuring that all the great content on the site is sent out with the RSS.


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