How to tell stories on Instagram

How do you tell an ordinary story so that people will read it with excitement? Good news – not everything depends on your talent and ability to choose synonyms. If you analyze examples of good storytelling, you can identify ten basic steps that cover the entire process from start to finish. Although you should still buy instagram followers and attract real people to your account first.

The idea

The main thing you should start working on a story with is an idea. A strong idea helps tie all the parts of the story together and get the point across. It should teach, show, and explain.

Target Audience

Remember the golden rule of storytelling: you’re not writing a story for yourself, but for the reader. Before you begin creating a narrative, the author must clearly understand who will read it, what emotions it evokes, and what thoughts it will lead to later.


Even at the creation stage, you should think through three key elements – the time, the place of events and the main value pair, the charge of which will shift now and then in a positive and negative direction.

Logical Structure

Structure is a summary of how a character’s story develops. It helps to bring order to the abyss of thoughts and bring the storytelling to a logical conclusion. You should also use ready-made story templates from the world of drama to create structure. In his book “The seven basic plots: why we tell stories,” journalist Christopher Booker names seven basic plot types:

  1. Overcoming the Monster. The protagonist overcomes barriers in spite of difficulties. In this case, the story teaches to go all the way, but also not to fear defeat.
  2. Rags to Riches. These are almost all stories of the formation of great personalities who grew up in not the most favorable conditions. A standard example is Cinderella, who first served her wicked stepmother and her daughters and then became the wife of a prince and settled in a castle.
  3. Rebirth. The transformation of a negative character into a positive hero.
  4. Voyage and Return. The protagonist enters an unknown world and does his best to return home.
  5. The Quest. The character is on a quest on the way to what he or she wants.
  6. Comedy. Usually a light and lighthearted story based on misunderstandings and nonsense that ends well.
  7. Tragedy. Here it’s the other way around. The negative character gets what he deserves, and in the end of the story he comes to realize how badly he has acted.

The event that initiated the character’s actions

The initiating event is a certain circumstance that literally throws the main character out of his comfort zone, forcing him to change his life priorities. It is this event that prompts the character to active action.


After the character is confronted with reality, he is faced with a more risky step that could result in him losing everything. At this point, the character learns a lesson from past circumstances and makes a second decision based on his analysis. A more difficult one, but one that will still help him get to the end.


The character’s efforts are not in vain; he becomes a winner, obtains an object, and returns life to a balance regarding value.

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