How to choose the right blogger to advertise on Instagram

Advertising with popular bloggers is no guarantee of success. There are many nuances to consider in order for the collaboration to bring popularity to the brand. The traditional approach to selecting quality bloggers is outdated. A huge number of followers is no guarantee of quality promotion. A blogger can buy instagram followers and show you many followers. To calculate the percentage of engagement, add up the number of likes and comments on the page and divide this sum by the number of blogger’s posts, and then divide by the number of followers. In a good account, the number of comments equals 8-10% of the number of likes. At the same time, comments should be lively and on topic.

To choose the right blogger for advertising, you should rely not on the number of subscribers, but on the indicators of engagement and professionalism. To do this, it is recommended to make a preliminary list and compare them according to the following criteria.

  • Target audience. Many marketers make the same mistake – choosing the target audience incorrectly. Cooperate only with those whose subscribers fit the parameters of a potential client. Pay attention also to the fact that bloggers with some followers (up to 20 thousand) have a closer contact with their audience. They are more likely to go live, answer questions and like readers. There is much more trust in them.
  • Quality of subscribers. A lot of people buy subscribers, which results in readers being mostly bots and trade pages. This is easy to check if you look at the statistics of growth in the number of subscribers. If their number grows by leaps and bounds, you can talk about cheating.
  • User engagement. At the beginning of the article we have already told you how you can check the involvement of the audience.
  • Cost of advertising. Advertising prices vary greatly and depend on many factors. Based on the available advertising budget and statistics of the blogger’s page, you should calculate which of the options for cooperation will be the most profitable. Perhaps you should refuse to publish one post by a celebrity, in favor of a series of posts by a local, not too big blogger.

What does the price of advertising depend on?

Usually bloggers do not name prices openly. There are no official statistics or an exact price list. There are as many bloggers as there are prices. It’s all very individual and depends on a lot of factors.

  • Number of subscribers. The more readers, the greater the reach of the audience and consequently, the higher the cost of advertising.
  • Appetites of a blogger. You can easily find two almost similar accounts on Instagram with the same number of followers, but the owner of one will want $200 per post, while the other will want $50.
  • Engagement rate. To start with, Instagram has an average audience engagement rate of 3.21% compared to 1.5% on other social networks. Naturally, the more attention a page gets, the more expensive it is to advertise on it.
  • Content. You can order advertising in almost any format: photos, live shows, videos, reviews, recommendations and so on. Some formats will cost more, others cheaper. As a rule, publishing stories costs less than a regular post, but each blogger may have his or her own views on this.
  • Production costs. If the ad requires travel, makeup, hair, and product demonstrations, these factors should definitely be included in the total.
  • Duration and quantity of advertising. These factors have a direct impact on cost formation. Take into account exclusivity and requirements as well.

If you want to prepare your account for new visits, it makes sense to buy instagram real followers. This will increase your authority and help you get more value out of buying ads from the blogger.


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